Had some real gut wrenching laughs last night at the Ron James comedy show in Charlottetown.  He even took shots at Jerry Seinfeld who is here in 2 weeks for a show that is a mere $108 a ticket plus tax.   He said he’d like to go but he has to put gas in his tank to get to his next show…

We had lunch with Aunts Thelma, Theresa and Helen in Summerside yesterday.  Some of the stories we’d never heard before including Barry poking Thelma with a pin when he was 4… (the results are for family ears and eyes only).  Family history is more than intriguing when it comes from 3 perspectives from mom’s side of the family.  And the stories of PEI, this was a very lively and an enriching get together, thank you ladies.

you can click on all the pictures to get their full effect

On the way to the show last night we followed a licence plate that reminded us of Leesa’s main verbage in her late teen years…

We hear that the weather has turned in B.C. and the winter is wearing white now.  We have had a few dust ups but nothing that has really stayed more than a day and can’t help but post our sunset from last night…

Domestically we have been continuing our search for a place to build, buy or rent for the long-term here.   This is one of the locations that has really caught our eye.  Strawberry Hill development in Stratford just about 2 miles from where we are now.  It is a new subdivision.  The view is amazing and lots run up to $90,000 which in B.C. terms (which we are used to) is about 1/3 what the lot would sell for but we continue to look.

P.S. – Off to Cornwall for another auction – Check out what’s for sale here and scroll down the page…. bet you wanna bid!



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