The smallest province and we’ve so much to learn….

We are learning a few interesting tidbits about PEI and thought we’d share them with you.  Items like:

  1. No matter where you are on the island you are no more than 16 km from water.
  2. Population in 2000 was 137,000; in 2010 was 141,000
  3. Prince Edward Island being the smallest province in Canada is the most densely populated province (24 people per square kilometer)
  4. The original residents of the island were Mi’kmaq and they named the island “Abegweit”=”cradled by waves”
  5. Beer and soda (or pop) was not sold in cans on PEI until May 2008
  6. The highest point in PEI is in Springton at 152 metres above sea level
  7. PEI’s famous red soil gets its color from the high iron content which oxidizes when exposed to the air
  8. Potatoes represent over 1/3 of farm revenue for the province and PEI represents nearly 1/3 of Canadian potato production
  9. The provincial flower is the Lady’s Slipper, the provincial bird is the Blue Jay and the provincial tree is the Red Oak
  10. Over the years 28 NHL players have hailed from PEI, with Adam McQuaid of Boston bringing home the Stanley Cup to Cornwall on August 28th this past summer. (Good choice of days)

 There certainly is still so much to learn…… 



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