So we were thinking….

…does it count if you spend a lot of time at auctions and buy things that you need or may need and call them a good buy or great deal?  Perspective we guess is the main clue.

I think we’d fit right in if we had “Bob’s used stuff” on the side of our vehicle or didn’t have to leave the auction to go and get a bigger vehicle so we can bring home “what we really need”!  <which we did today…:o(  >

So what did we get today you may well ask? –

  • Stoke-on-Trent mini-chamber pot (hold Tracy’s paint brushes)
  • 2 drawer Legal filing cabinet on wheels with 200 file hangers – (storage for our files)
  • 2 seater porch glider (metal and still in box) awaiting Spring
  • 6’high x 14″deep x 12″ wide – 5 shelf pantry (Ikea style) wood shelf for winter gloves and hats (no storage in entry or anywhere)
  • Upright envelope and file rack (for Tracy’s desk)
  • 4 shelf – 8″ x 12″ x 40″ wheelie storage thing for Ewen’s side of the single bathroom sink (Tracy got her’s 2 auctions ago and it’s only fair)
  • Muskoka chair mesh foot stool for deck
  • 10″ oval Corning baking dish with lid – (forgot to rescue ours before the movers arrived)
  • 12″ Summer pattern serving dish with plate (new in box)

I got back with the truck just in time to bid on the glider, food stool, 4 shelf wheelie thing and  serving plate/bowl. Unbelievably, as we were paying up at the cashier, the Corning Ware came up and Tracy bid on it as we were laying down our hard-earned cash.

“That’s an additional $7.62 more please”.

Auction next week in Summerside, does anyone need anything!?!………..



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  1. Ya, I need your time and money … 😀

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