Over the bridge and through the woods to N.B. Costco we go…

It ‘s a great day to head out hunting and fishing.  Today our hunting and fishing would take us out of PEI and into New Brunswick.  Moncton to be exact.  Setting the GPS and loading the sturdy containers that would hold our, what we predicted,  successful hunt.

If nothing else then the drive in today’s weather would be awesome.  Our hunting licence costs $43.75 to get off the island and over the bridge of the Northumberland Strait up to 300’ above sea level.  Refueled in PEI at $1.17/litre vs. $1.24/l in N.B.  The speed is limited on the bridge for safety and gawking reasons I am assuming.

We took the truck as it can hold more meat and fish in the back, plus you sit higher up and can look over the cement barricades onto the great view.

Just over two hours later we arrived at our favourite hunting and fishing hole in N.B.

Now you might ask why so far to hunt and gather.  There are a few reasons.  We could make the argument for economy of size but once you add-on the cost of the hunting licence to leave the island and then the cost of fuel, well it is debatable.

Then again with the temp reaching over 10 in November, little wind, clear skies and calm waters, you could not pay a travel company to create a drive as enjoyable as this.


Once our hunting and gathering was done we headed home arriving to an amazing sunset.

Unloading the days take and as we write this still trying to find a place to store it…..we did need at least 50 rolls of toilet paper, we will use it!

This past year we have driven the Rockies, taken ferries to Vancouver Island, heck driven across Canada and this drive still rivals ’em all….. and to what we promised, results of our previous post and the auction expenses:

Wooden car – $30.

2 African wood carved dishes – $10

1900’s steamer trunk – $30

Oil lamp – $2

Pottery vase – $28 (Tracy really liked it)

Hammock – $10

Security Alarm system $150 – (Best deal of the day)

Here’s a link to the next one on Saturday!!




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