So it’s for a good cause….really

I am sure some things in all our lives are the same.  Eat, sleep, work and spend money.  This time the auction was for a good cause.  Friends’ Arts Scholarship Award Program for Prince Edward Island.  A great reason to attend the auction and the venue was second to none – Confederation Centre for the Arts in Charlottetown.

So we found a place to park downtown and made our way to the centre.  Another plus was there is no charge for parking at meters on Saturday, great savings that we could put towards something I’m sure.

Previewed all the items, some new, some old, some things that we couldn’t put a name to and then some things that make you wish you had a home to put them in.  The gavel drops and we’re off.  228 items and we had to like 2 items that were 5 from the end of the list.

Jack and Cate were safe and sound in the truck, we had our coffee and the number 25 bid card so we settled in for the long haul.  I was so settled in that I believe I took a snooze during the bidding of no less than 15 dolls of different values and sizes and then the storage boxes for them.  These dolls were big items at this auction…..then smash!

One poor fellow who had just purchased a pinwheel crystal bowl and two crystal bells dropped them on the tile floor.  The language from the back of the room was muffled but seemed to be of the, “not what you want your kids to hear” type of expletives, poor fellow.

We lost out on a few bids but we were successful on a few.  Now what would you think we might buy?  Tracy at one point sat on the bid card to prevent me from bringing home a great or what I thought would be a great yard chotchkie.  A really old boat anchor, that came with the rust, at no extra cost.  The rust was included and it was only 5′ high and 4′ wide.

In the end here are the pictures of what we purchased.  If you want to take a guess at what we paid we will let you know in our next post….. here they are.

Wooden carved car

African rice bowl

1900's Steamer trunk

Oil Lamp and Bradford English pottery pitcher

New Rope braided Hammock

Home Alarm system

It was all for a good cause…. really!



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