Hooray for Shane!

Around 2 p.m. the Eastlink install guy arrived and knocked on the door.  “Hi, I’m from Eastlink and I’m here to install your services”, ….(and as  we had suspected )……”my work order doesn’t say anything about climbing poles or running a drop to your house.”  “I will have to make a call.”

Shane, our installer, returns, “No note on their files,  hhmmmm, …. but someone wasn’t home today where I was to run a drop line so what the heck, I told them I have the supplies and my climbing spurs so I will take care of it.”  – Now this is customer service!

3 hours up and down poles and ladders, into the basement, holes drilled in the floor where necessary and voila, we are surfin’, postin’ and a watchin’ TV  like drunk fools who you’d have thought had never seen cable, pvr’s and internet before.

Can you find Shane?
Here’s Shane


Hooray for Shane!!……



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