Oxy-contin, Codeine-contin and $132 in cash recovered…

This was the headline this morning on the news from Summerside. The drug enforcement task force had taken down a few dealers working in the area after a year of investigation. The results of this action gave me a smile, not because of the lead-in to the story was being read with such intensity of a new, wanna get it right, avid reporter on CBC.  No, no, because if this is the type of crime that is found on this beautiful island, we had better hide the address ‘cause everyone will be moving here.


Aside from the “low to us” crime statistics, we noted a few things that have stood out on the island over the past few weeks, for example: Drivers need to know the make, model and serial number of my tail lights no matter where we go; no one likes to drive in the right lane of a four lane road way; the red soil is really hard to get out of white socks; Cate and Jack don’t like foxes and skunks; lot’s of auctions and everyone knows Dave from Storage Wars;

Unloading our latest Auction haul

having to maintain 5 recycling boxes/bags with big pictures over each bag to get it right;  Robin’s Donuts does still  exist; noticing an abundance of Stafford-shire terriers on our dog walks; don’t really need a GPS because everyone we ask is willing to tell us where to go; amazing fresh ocean air; there is something for everyone to do, see or experience; the area code is the same for PEI and Nova Scotia….

…..and these are but a few thoughts we’d share. Bottom line is change is good, travel is better and writing about it to you is actually really enjoyable.

Tracy has us scheduled for 5 open house reviews today so we’re off….. enjoy your Sunday!



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  1. I really enjoy reading your updates, so keep them coming 😀

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