Secure your network…..

Today is the day.  Eastlink (Shaw in the west) is rolling in with their equipment to hook us up to the world.  Put us on the information highway.  Get us reconnected to what is really happening plus Tracy gets to watch the Young and the Restless again.

Since, like the mail, there has never, ever been any cable or internet service to this residence, I believe that this will take a little more than a, “Hi I’m from Eastlink and I’m here to press a few buttons and attach a modem to get you on-line.” sort of install.  Rather, cable has to be brought from at least 100 yards away where the nearest neighbour is and we think the nearest cable link is.  Again the nice 1-888 Eastlink fellow said ‘no problem’, our installers are good at this.

Well just to make sure and while at a Small Business show yesterday in Charlottetown at the civic center, I proceeded to grill this nice lady who was manning the Eastlink booth.  Drop areas, RJ cable size, contractor’s experience, signal strength in the area, 20-40-100 mbps service, do you really think it’s going to get done?…. you know, general information.

We did call Eastlink the same time I first called Canada Post which, in hindsight, may have been a bad day to call.  This being their first available day in the area we jumped at it…… but now we wait and depend on the goodness of unsecured signals near our storage unit in Ch’town to check our email and get our news out to you….. Note warning below!This blog is an example to all of you who own a modem, an internet connection and are on Wi-Fi.  Secure your network!…….or someone will use it to post things like recipes and worldly opinions.






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