Nor rain, nor sleet, nor hail , no keys…..

We’ve been wanting to give everyone our new address for the mail we expect to be flooding in any day now.  Called Canada Post 9 days ago and started the process of getting keys for the community mailbox.  Most people in the country use these if you don’t have home delivery.  Bit of a problem.  The fellow who owns the house we are in has never, ever, received mail in 15 years at this house.  You see, he lives in Toronto and has for quite some time and gets mail there.  He could not help us in our quest to find keys or contacts, so we called the ultimate – the 1-800 number.

“You’ll have keys by (last) Friday.”   4 phone calls to and 3 from Canada Post resulting in 2 “problem” tickets being issued, to find where the keys went.   Why we didn’t get home delivery perplexed the nice 1-800 person as she thought surely everyone on PEI got home delivery, but didn’t know where Charlottetown was.  (Call center was in Ottawa)

“Can’t release the keys as we don’t have any authorization”   Obtain letter of authorization and have owner sign it and fax it back.  “Delivery supervisor will call with further instructions” …. …”Hi I know it’s late but I received this message to call you, something about keys for community mailboxes.  Well that is not my job so I will pass it back to my supervisor and someone will call you in a day or two”… “but sir, but sir what is your name,”……click.Finally 1-800 supervisor Pat took over, and things began to happen  9 days from the beginning of our quest for keys, Dave, a Supervisor with Canada Post not only got us our keys but hand delivered them today to our home.  Now if you want our address and we haven’t sent you an email, just send us an email and we will proudly send you our -newly keyed- address to you.   Christmas is coming!



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