Pity the fool….

Wow, what a lesson in garbage (our term), waste, compost and recycling.  As you move you know how much stuff, garbage or family heirlooms that you eventually want to get rid of.  We certainly encourage recycling but when we went to learn how the islander’s do it here, wow – did we say that already.  We hauled our first load of six black garbage bags to the environmental disposal center in Ch’town and Tracy was told – “The only thing you use black garbage bags for here dear is to pack your husband’s clothes in before you throw him out…(other stuff goes in clear and blue bags)”

Okay then, every bag we had to open and they sorted through and gave us quite explicit instructions on what goes where and collection days, waste days, compost days, extra pickup days, cart colours…… you get the picture and if you  want some homework try to follow along at this website…. it is quite interactive.

Pity the fool who shows up with black bags…..again!!


PS – We are still waiting for internet and cable so are doing lots of reading and re-watching the videos we remembered to bring along…..



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