the eyes have it…

Ah…. Cate and her eyes.  We worry about our pups eyes a bit more than usual. You know Murray did go blind 7 years into her 14 years with us so we are more wary.  Cate has had a very red and irritated eye for over 5 months and we had been working with our vet in Kelowna to improve her condition.

We tried to see a veterinarian ophthalmologist in the Okanagan but even our herding and pet boarding friends who have great contacts in the dog world couldn’t find an ophthalmologist that would be in the area before we left on our journey…..

What luck…..and maybe twist of great coincidence.  The Atlantic Veterinary College is here at University of PEI. We called & there was an  ophthalmologist from the University of Guelph on campus for two weeks and we were lucky enough to get an appointment.

    With Jack in tow off we went today and what a fascinating afternoon.  Tests, eye pressure tests, dye in the eye, tear duct tests, complete blood count (CBC) test with more people poking and prodding this puppy with great interest.  For an outspoken dog Cate did amazingly well in the arms of over 7 students and staff. She even made a few friends….. they believe it is “idiopathic conjunctivitis” ………..let the treatment begin!! (with a follow-up in 10 days)  Thank you AVC!

(and Jack couldn’t get out of there fast enough……)



3 Responses

  1. So glad it’s treatable 🙂

  2. Hi Guys, I hope all is well with you down there. I was glad to hear that Cate’s doctor appointment went so well, I’m sure you worry about her like I worry about Teddy’s health! Teddy sends his puppy hugs and tail wags too!



    • Thanks Steve, They were quite thorough and friendly. She got the royal treatment and we do have a follow-up in a week. Give Teddy a scritch from us.

      Cheers, Ewen and Tracy

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