The Auctioneer….

…auctioneer’s chanting, “Seventy-five, seventy-five, who’ll give me eighty? Who’ll bid eighty dollars? Do I hear eighty dollars…?” on lot #1.  We’ve been to 3 auctions in the past 10 days up and down the island.  The best so far was in Summerside on Thanksgiving day.

Best for the auctioneer, and not so much for our bank account….

This was the first auction we actually bought something at.   A new Samsung TV, a 5 x 7′ floor rug and a bed in a bag set for the new place we will be renting.  The place has none of these and we will be needing them…… well that’s what you tell yourself when you’re at an auction, right?!?

The last article we bid on was #417, so you can guess we spent a few hours at the Credit Union Center in S’Side auction watching.  Great recreation centre with meeting halls, pool, bowling alley and gym.  Sulky horse racing park in the back as well.

Heading back to Charlottetown we toured the docks at Summerside and the impending sunset, beautiful.  This bulk cargo ship unloading at the dock was named the Posidon, familiar name, maybe a movie?  Yeah the spelling is a bit different but the connotation is the same, dontchathink?

….and we do have our fingers crossed for our final meeting on Wednesday with the owners for the property we are trying to get on lease until next July……

PS – Next auction in Kinkora on Oct,15th – if you would like to join us!!


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