So we have been adding up the costs of the trip so far – you know, in terms of financial, social, physical and emotional stuff.

Here we have some totals or results :

Dent in Ewen’s truck – $800

Tracy, yes Tracy’s photo radar ticket in Calgary – $85 + stamp

Fuel for both vehicles – lots of $$ (Motel/hotels as well)

Break-in to room beside us in Motel last night – 2 interviews on did you see anything??

Learning that there is a Toronto in PEI – speechless


Experiencing quite the weather patterns this week  – price is getting there

Fraudulent use of our Visa card on-line by someone in
Vancouver with Dell last week getting closer!

Having been able to meet family, their friends and relatives so far and the great treatment we have been receiving – of course Pricele$$



2 Responses

  1. You guys are priceless 🙂

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