The hunt for Red (in) October….

Hi all,

Although the next Atlantic storm is on its way we took a chance to see a bit of the north shore in Cavendish.  It was unbelievable, sort of like when you come upon the Grand Canyon, these Red, Red beaches here on the north shore of PEI in October.  We chose to hit the sand dunes as the tide was high and getting higher, creating a real work-out for our less than stellar “glutes”.. and the dogs just seem to race up and down with what appeared to be smiles.

There were very few tourists/people we had run into and miles of beach to walk.  (I prefer about 1 of those miles just for today though)

On the way out of the park we made quasi-friends with a red fox who came up to the car and didn’t seem to be bothered by Cate’s verbal warnings (she is tough from a distance and behind glass). It was a beautiful day for photos and Cate unceremoniously entered the Atlantic chasing her ball she rolled down from a sand dune….. don’t think she learned anything but Jack ran the other way from the incoming tides.




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