So we are just getting ready to head 2 hours north to Alberton to visit with our Aunt Betty who had her 85th birthday party this summer in Calgary (which we did attend)….

The heaven’s opened up yesterday and we are told it is going to happen again today as the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia heads to “the rock” Newfoundland.

We’re getting ready to move closer to Charlottetown (Ch’town they say here) tomorrow and a new place for another week as the search for the perfect, to us, rental place comes up.  Here is a picture of one we are looking at in a place called Stratford east of Ch’town.  It is quite cute and rent is right plus lots of room for the pups but no storage for the Harley…(but there’s room for us to sniff and snoop!!)

We will keep looking as the owner of this place isn’t on the island until Oct 8th and the place isn’t available until the 15th but fingers crossed!!




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  1. Oh, I love the place. It’s something I would be attracted to. Hugs to my mom and to all of you too 🙂

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