Jack and the beans stock…..

So we were out and about looking at rentals today but took time to take a walk with the pups in a soybean field and Jack disappeared……. we did find him again but it was touch and sniff for a while….





2 Responses

  1. Troops, glad to hear you made it.
    You can go to Alberton and visit the two floored white building just across the street from the city hall where I was born – not that that matters.
    Don’t bother with lobster dinner in Charlottetown – too expensive, instead try Fishermans Wharf in North Rustico just north and they have a 60 foot salad bar, might be closing soon for the season tho, usually this weekend. Christie dined at the Wharf and I ate the seafood platter dinner for four all by myself, with wine $60.00
    The scenery will blow your mind.
    Staying tuned for more of your epic journey. Wish we were there!
    Have fun!
    Barry n Kimbah

  2. Further to earlier here’s the website – note ALL YOU CAN EAT – LOL


    Closes Oct 10th this year ……

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