Thanks for the memories

Driving today was beautiful with great roads, great weather and other than driving around in one big circle at 8 am in Ste. Marie due to GPS operator malfunction (Ewen) we made great time. 


Arriving in Fredericton at 6:30 tonight and a meet and greet with 9 construction workers having a beer on the stoop of the motel, Jack was in his glory strutting from patting to patting.  Cate started to speak up but alas these fast speaking, hard-working guys had a great time getting to know her as well.  We think we saw her smile between low growls!

We stopped at Riviere du Loop today for late lunch and it brought back a flood of memories from 2004 when we rented a motor home in Ontario and took a 4 day drive to and from PEI with Murray and Taylor, what great memories.

Tomorrow is the day!!!  stopping at Costco in Moncton to pick up a few things and then onto the Windsor Motel in New Haven, PEI outside of Charlottetown to start our look for a new place.  We will certainly will keep everyone up to date but first our post tomorrow with a video of crossing the Confederation Bridge into PEI!!


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