La belle province avec les pilotes merde…… but they have great cheese curds!!

Got into Arnprior Ontario with the hopes of visiting with nephew Rob and his family.  Unfortunately as Rob is a senior forensic accident reconstructionist with the Provincial Police he was called out to two very bad scenes near Ottawa last night.  Call-out is something we don’t miss in our lives anymore but hopefully next time Rob and Adrienne we will certainly try to connect .

We were going to stay over an extra day in Ontario but put our heads together and this being our 3rd time in the past 6 years driving through Ottawa and Montreal decided that Sunday was the least busiest day and probably easiest pulling these trailers….so we carried on.  Traffic was good until 5 kms into Montreal and trying to get through the H. Lafontaine tunnel. 


 The drivers were vying for position as if we were on a NASCAR track.  Unbelievably one tried to push between Tracy and my trailer bumping into the trailer in an attempt to merge.  If you could put a ruler in between vehicles, this was obviously enough space.  First time I have ever witnessed Tracy in an exchange of finger signage!

110-130 km/h on the highway and vehicles were literally one vehicle apart.  Everyone has probably experienced this at one time or another in one country or another but can’t say we remember Quebec this way, heck if someone offered to let us in we knew they weren’t PQ drivers…..

The signage on Montreal roads , which as we can recall, are always under some type of construction, was interesting and thank goodness for our grade 12 french between us and our two-way radios, we could get in the right lane, make the right turns and get to where we were going…..

Road side coffee break with Tim’s, some cheese curds and a field for Jack and Cate to have some leg stretch in….and it’s sunny today, YAHOO!!

We have stopped over in Sainte-Marie off of Hwy 72 as we do love the communities.  The people when they are not driving are friendly enough and we have had some laughs ordering Tim Horton coffees en francais as well as checking in to the hotel and having supper at St. Hubert’s chicken.  The counter girl and us had great laughs as she was practicing her english on us and we were using our french, luckily we still got our food.

Fredericton, N.B. is our planned destination and our longest day of driving so we will be up bright eyed and bushy-tailed – or not, but that is our goal… and tonight well we are going to try to watch “The Good Wife” on TV en francais …..


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  1. Nice to hear you’re doing well. 🙂

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