The view is Superior…

Well we did get to see the great Lake Superior on our travels and the leaves are beginning their colour change on this side of Canada….


Tried to post last night but once we finished the post it disappeared into the big black hole and it was too late to start again so here we go again….

We’ve driven just over 3400kms over the past 7 days with 5 provinces almost under our belt however Ontario will take us another couple of days to get through.  Top fuel price to date was in Marathon, Ontario which was yesterday @ $1.42/litre .  We are probably going to take two days in the Ottawa area for a break.  We had a very enjoyable stay last night at the Northern Lights Motor Inn outside Wawa with fun signs the owners posted around the rooms (see our fun things page).  Cate actually got to go for a longer walk as did we and Jack got lost in the smells of the wilds. (can you find Jack by chance??)


Heck we got some WWD ruff and tumble time in, says Jack, I let Cate think she got the best of me in a 3 out of 3…. I just let her think she did


We couldn’t believe the police coverage since we entered Ontario.  The OPP have been everywhere and with these highways having a long distance between gas or lodging in some areas it must be very comforting to travelers….well most travelers.  Some whom we saw stopped didn’t look so happy, maybe a bit lighter in the wallet?


We are starting to see Mennonite families in their horse drawn buggies at local stores, which is a more common sight in Eastern Canada and the Eastern U.S.

….. and tonight, well we’re in Sudbury.  If you have a nickel in your pocket or change purse chances are the nickel ore came from this area and the mines are still producing and yesterday we passed by one of the Barrick gold producing mines near Marathon….

We are now over 1/2 way on our drive east and will be heading back into the more populated and heavier traffic areas of Ontario.  Still more to come but we have been very lucky that we have experienced no major problems and the trip is memorable…. for all the right reasons.

We want to wish our sister Trudy well as she spends another week in hospital in Victoria dealing with complications from pneumonia in her battle with cancer….




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