These past two days were very, very wet  with some hydro-planing trailers and putting more km’s and two more provinces behind us in our travels…

The choice of accommodations that were available have been less than stellar leaning to the side of…shall we say…. rustic!! and right next door to the local calaboose no less…. (note to self again about internet hotel bookings)….


…and to add insult to injury it took just over 1/2 hour to upload the picture of our two vehicles at the Ontario border crossing onto Facebook…..blastphemy… they had dial-up speed internet access, can you believe it, in this day and age, in Ontario…. go figure!!

So here we are tonight in Thunder Bay at the lakeheads as they call them on our way across Ontario.  It took 1 day per province and it will take us 4 days to cross Ontario.  These first 2 days are a lot of small communities and wilderness – moose, fox, bear and lots of waterfowl.

We have been asked by a few people what we do all the day long while driving,  there is dueling cameras at construction site delays..


Watch the miles go by… on sign and by GPS….


Jack suggests that……yes Cate and I, we contribute daily to the hour passing by doing what we do best and mind you we do it well…



On to WAWA tomorrow……




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