Saskatchewan…well it’s so flat

So for the past two days of driving we have been taking turns staring at each others rear ends – trailers that is,


with Tracy commenting on how Saskatchewan is, well, so flat, still!   We have made it tonight to Virden, Manitoba from Swift Current.  Fun fact is we stayed in the same motel over 8 years ago when we were transferred back east to London, Ontario for two years…small world but big country!  Motel last night was all but deserted in the back anyway…weird

Tracy and I also spent 6 months of our lives at different times in Regina, training for the mounties.  Didn’t stop at depot this time as we’d been several times and definitely had the T-shirts to prove it.  Stopped for fuel at the Fas Gas in Indian Head but alas no Fas Gas….things change in a few years.

Speaking of gas, we have discovered that for every fill my truck needs Tracy’s Edge needs two fills but then again I pay twice as much when I fill…..ouch!!

Cate butts in here…. they need to make the dog play areas bigger at these tourist stops which by the way are all closed now…where did they expect Tracy to go??  Not in my playground I would hope!!

   And on another note, when I HAVE TO ride in the truck which has so much stuff in it could someone pleeezzzee put something softer on those boxes!!

For all of you who are taking the time to view our blog… great to have you following along…  scratch, scratch on my chair with a slight low bark…. excuse me, excuse me here are your slippers now since we’ve been for a walk and it’s bed time can I have my snack ?!?

good night everyone, off to Kenora, Ontario tomorrow.


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  1. Saskatchewan isn’t flat, there’s just nothing to interfer with the view.



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