……off and rollin’

Up at 6 am to finish off the last things before we hit the road.  Kirk and Karen brought us a hot supper with all the trimmings last night all the way from Kelowna!  What a great break and very thoughtful thing to do, thank you so much again!

We left around 9:00 am just as the new owners arrived chomping at the bit to unload some of their belongings…..quick turn around!

Here’s a picture of what the morning looked like on Turtle Mountain after our last walk up here with the pups

Great way to start off a drive don’t you think…..

Cate pipes in..yeah, yeah beauty eh!! Can we get this show on the road, we’re burnin’ good road time and head out the window in the wind time!!


So down the road and some rain, some construction delays, pit stops and the best one yet.  I have always wondered what Tracy would look like in the rear-view mirror, now I know.

  …through the snowshed tunnels  

Into Alberta…..

We’re doing the speed limit (or a little bit better) and the tail-gating guy behind us decides he’ll show us once we hit the 4 lane and off he goes…… into the hands of the local Sheriff outside Lake Louise!  Just smile and wave, just smile and wave…

Roll into Calgary and to our hotel…but alas, no parking at the hotel…NO KIDDING… no parking due to CFL Football game between Calgary and B.C. Lions..(memo to self) don’t make reservations near a stadium.  Hotel doesn’t know what to do but if we wait 3-4 hours the parking should improve…. NOT!  600 kms today pulling these trailers and no room to park.

Well one consolation – BC WON!!

But what luck!.. Leesa and Stephen arrive to help us find a hotel but no luck anywhere near us.  Use the old in truck Navigation to find a place 60 kms east in Strathmore Alberta, but first a quick call and reserve room and make sure they have parking  – success!

Off to a really nice supper in East Calgary with Leesa and Stephen with lots of stories to tell them already!  We’re gonna miss that girl and Stephen too. … but now an excuse to visit the island with the red soil for the red-head.


We’re at the hotel now and parked and unpacked as can be expected.  Pups and Tracy are bagged.  680 kms today and more comin’ tomorrow!!

PS- Us pups are going to really miss them too……..!!

PPS- Expedia is a pain in the ^#*.  It’s becoming harder to get a refund than it was to drive all this way… oh well it is a journey!!





2 Responses

  1. Hey, wish you’d had time. We would have met up with you for coffee. I’m sure the pups wanted to see ME at least.
    Safe journey 🙂

    • Actually we were planning to contact a couple of people including you guys but the hotel debacle took from 4:30 til 9:00 pm to sort out. Leesa and Stephen waited patiently and helped drive us around while we parked our two rigs so we didn’t have to drive around the city with them… so sorry but maybe you’ll be out at our place soon ……..and the pups send their licks!!

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