Trailer envy – it’s a guy thing

So as Jack noted in the last post the movers have come and gone.  Now on the eve of our departure I wanted to discuss what I thought was an optical illusion yesterday.  I thought our trailer we will be hauling our Harley in was pretty big.. until the movers showed up.  Oh well, size in the moving industry does matter…but we have two trailers in tow and a  bit of trailer envy.  Cheers!






3 Responses

  1. Hi Guys,

    Travel safe and have a great time! I have to say, I’m a little jealous (I miss the East Coast, hey no Newfie jokes). I love your blog. Have fun guys!

    Steve & Teddy

    • Thank you Steve…sorry we didn’t get to meet Teddy this time but hey… maybe it’s time for Teddy to kiss the cod, what do you think?!? Door is always open.

  2. Thanks Guys, that just might happen some day. I often think about taking a trip out east and sometimes think about moving back out to Nfld.

    Teddy say Hi to Jack & Cate, & wishes to could be there to enjoy the head out the window time with them both!

    Steve & Teddy

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