‘Til next time…..

Jack here…..we were a bit late getting to our last class tonight with Monique and our classmates at the BX dog park.  Something about movers and having to make sure the place is okey dokey before we left.  Cate gets her fur in a bunch as we drive down BX Road… she gets so loud a dog can’t concentrate on the great sniffs in the area.

I digress… we caught up with the group and got a few last tips in and the necessary you sniff me I sniff you.  I of course am still trying to train Ewen and Tracy to my standard, so Monique of Rufflife really helped me out but alas Cate is still a work in progress! As you can see in the picture we are wiggling with excitement to hit the road but wanted to say …’til next time thank you for all you have done for us Monique and Ewen and Tracy too!

Big girl…small but handsome aren’t I!

'Til next time

What a cute group shot...don't you think!?!


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