Welcome to this blog & our next journey with Jack and Cate

Welcome and we hope to make this blog entertaining and comments of some tongue in cheek as Jack and Cate yet again will narrate most of this trip…….

Feel free to check back daily as we make our way to PEI from BC with 2 vehicles, 2 trailers, 2 pups and 2 way radios………… but first the preparations must be made!

Movers    Mail forwardBills and utilities  Sell unnecessary stuff  Sell House Reserve U-Haul trailer Decide where to go
Decide how to get there Take in last sunny days of summer

……..excuse us  .!

Jack and Cate here, now this is the most important list that they really need to follow! – –   Dog treats(lots please) Rubber balls Our well chewed various toys Jack’s doll (infamous though she is) Cate’s irritating squeaky ball Forget leashes Blankets and various sundries (Cate thinks she is so metro with these big words like “sundaes”…) Water bowls Food (only the kind we like thank you) …did we tell you we don’t like our new collars!  The other one’s smelled just fine!  ….Oh and speaking of smell, those bags you collect our “stuff” in…..gonna need a lot of “stuff” bags!

and so the adventure begins………..

First comes the "get rid of ...recycle, recycle!"


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  1. Looking forward to reading all about it. Good luck you guys!

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