Leesa and Stephen

30 days

740 hours

44438 minutes

2666297 seconds

until your wedding and yes. we are certainly excited!!



4th snowfall this year – interesting

So the neighbour has to come up and ask why the snowblower (he’s a newbie – you can see in the background)

Most know not to ask anymore ’cause they don’t like the answer…. ’cause in my past life I got tired of doing NOK’s to families of 30,40, 50,60, 70 & 80 year olds who thought that they could shovel that small amount of snow – no problem. He walked away quickly……




yes…Canada rocks!!






Time seems to be flying….

11 slleps til times square

so here’s to you Jordan….

Our thoughts are with brother Dale today as he lost his foster son early Thursday Dec 12th…God speed Jordan.




Canadian Black Friday shopping

black friday in canada



Had our first dusting of snow here.  -8 C which wasn’t bad but sure know winters here.  Got the snow thrower tuned up, the ice melt at the ready and the shovel at the ready…..now  will the rain come?  18 sleeps ’til Christmas eve


….and 24 more sleeps ’til we head out to New York for celebrations in Times Square….




Jack’s getting older…

Jack has celebrated his 11th birthday today and did not want to share the cake….surprise!!



Wow, storage can be expensive…

We have been trying to plan the storage of our ashes once we leave this world.  Had our plans made right up to cremation and couldn’t or didn’t want to burden anyone with the decision of where to scatter or store our ashes.

Nice location

Nice location

Finally decided on a niche at the local cemetery in Cedar just south of Nanaimo on Cedar Road.  This was the same agency that cremated mom in 1982 and found them to be quite approachable and again this time we really appreciated the time taken to explain everything to us.

We’re told that very few people want to discuss death or dying or the after affects but really this is in aid of who we leave behind, not the one(s) who die.

So even Jack and Cate were invited by the planner into the meeting and got treats and good sniffs (one would assume).

Now we did mention cost.  So believe it or not the higher up the monument you reserve your niche space, the cheaper it is, unlike buying a condo.  So we choose the top and saved $500.

So now we have to make 4 equal payments for the niche and the opening and closing and upkeep in-memorial and voila, there we stay.

P.S. – Just shopping for a Jimmy Buffett themed urn.  Didn’t realize they would be so hard to find.

Celebrate what you enjoyed!!

Celebrate what you enjoyed!!

Breaking Up..

Don’t normally comment on a TV show or series but having watched the show since 2009 we are going to miss our Sunday night fix…but it was one heck of a ride!

Click on the picture to make it larger to read....

Click on the picture to make it larger to read….



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